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Download Employee Photo and Recording Release automated document template / form

This Employee Photo and Recording Release (the Release) is made and effective this 11th day of July, 2009,
BETWEEN: [COMPANY NAME] (the 'Company'), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the [STATE] with its head office located at: [STREET], [CITY], [STATE] [ZIP CODE]
AND: [NAME] (the 'Employee'), an individual with its main address at: [STREET], [CITY], [STATE] [ZIP CODE]
1. In consideration of my employment with the Company and as part of the services being furnished by me to said Company, and/or in consideration of [AMOUNT], I hereby give my consent to the photographing of myself and to the recording of my voice.
2. The Company is hereby authorized to use or cause to be used said still photographs or motion picture footage, recordings of my voice and my name for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business purposes. Said photographs and/or recordings may be used singularly or in conjunction with other photographs and/or recordings. ALSO, the Employee hereby authorizes the Company to edit these recordings at its discretion, and to incorporate these recordings into movie and sound films or audio  and videotapes, broadcasts (radio and television, including cable and satellite transmissions)programs, or otherwise, and to use and license others to use it.
3. The Company has my authorization to reproduce, or cause to be reproduced such photographs and voice recordings. The same may be exhibited in all domestic and foreign markets. I understand that others may use and/or reproduce said photographs and/or recordings with or without the Company's consent.
4. I hereby release the Company, any of its associated or affiliated companies, their directors, officers, agents, employees, customers and the Company's appointed advertising agencies, officers, directors, agents and employees, from all claims of any kind on account of such use.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Employee has executed this Release on the day and year first above written.
Signed, sealed and delivered to both parties in the presence of:


Stephen Cochran

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