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Blitzdocs is the fast and powerful document automation and document assembly software. It helps you quickly design and generate common and specialized documents and forms for a variety of purposes, including agreements, invoices, letters, etc.

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Document assembly, at the most basic level, is the creation of new, complete documents from the combination of 1) new, and 2) existing information.

Reusing existing information is more efficient than retyping the information into the computer. Although document assembly may take on many forms, it is this basic concept that makes it so appealing to law firms.

Why do I need it? To save time and money by lowering the overhead of document production and its staffing.

The ability to save time and effort by reusing instead of retyping can add up to big savings for most firms. Blitzdocs is well designed to do this quickly and efficiently. Look at your firm's document production and determine its volume of repetitive documents. Assuming it is typical and generates a lot of repetitive paperwork, then your firm will benefit from the addition of Blitzdocs. A document assembly package will allow your firm to create documents efficiently and effectively.

Today, document assembly is the strongest weapon in your arsenal to minimize the overhead of document production. Proper use of the program will allow existing staff to be more efficiently utilized in other areas, or allow staffing needs to be reduced, depending on the situation.

Who needs it? Most likely, everyone in the office would benefit from a document assembly program.

Blitzdocs is appropriate for the entire office. Who does the bulk of the document production in your office? They will benefit the most from the addition of this Legal documet assembly software. However, unless the attorneys refuse to do even rudimentary word processing, then they should learn to use the program also.

Traditionally, document assembly methods were primarily targeted at staff, but the Blitzdocs makes repetitive document production so easy that it is more efficient to have the attorney produce these documents so the staff can be used more productively.

What does it do? In document automation, the base document (the automated template) is usually a document which has variables. The variables are portions of text which are likely to change from client to client or document to document. During template creation the variable fields are inserted directly into the editable text of the template. Now, when assembling the document, the new information is placed directly into the main document window replacing the variable.

The advantage of Windows in general is the use of visual buttons, toolbars, or icons to help the beginner learn the program quicker. This same advantage carries over into Blitzdocs. Even a relatively new user can pick up the basics of automating a new document template. First, let's look at how document assembly programs generally operate.

The process of inserting new information into an automated form or document to produce a completely new document is called "assembling" the template. This is because the new information which you provide and the original base template of unchanging information are put together or "assembled", thus creating an entirely new document.

The base template can be created in various ways but usually an existing document which is known to be valid is used. The information which changes from client to client or situation to situation is then identified. Then this information is replaced by variables. The variables are often represented by questions. When the questions are answered, these answers are inserted in the place of the variable. In this way, an automated document can be quickly created from an existing document.

The underlined portions represent the changing information. The rest of text is unchanging and becomes the base template. We then replace the underlined portions with variables.

Now we can create questions for each variable. These questions will pop up for the assembler to answer. The answer provided will replace the variable in the finished document.

Greater Power & Flexibility

In addition to these functions, Blitzdocs has the ability to replace text throughout a document by typing it in once is typical of most programs, i.e. typing in the Plaintiff's last name - Smith - replaces it everywhere in the document it appears. However, not only do Blitzdocs allows text, dates, and numbers (called variables) to be inserted, it also utilizes multiple choice options and perform complex computations with the other variables.

Another function is the ability to insert conditional or logic statements. This feature allows the inclusion or exclusion of specific portions of text depending on whether the assembler tells the program to include it or not. This is very useful for documents such as a contract, will, or any type of document that uses standard clauses.

When a document is "assembled", the assembler is actually providing answers to the questions which represent the variables. Blitzdocs allows the answers to be saved to a list or a database so that they may be reused in other documents! So the answers to the fee agreement can be reused in the representation agreement and again in the contract and again in the articles of incorporation, etc. This is a major advance in the preparation of documents. Now even the changing text can be reused easily and efficiently.