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  Automated Sales Related Forms  
   Bill of Sale  
   Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle  
   Odometer Disclosure Statement  
   Sales Agreement  
   Sales Invoice  
   Collection Letter  
    Automated Human Resource Forms  
   Employment Acceptance Letter  
   Employment Agreement  
   Employee Review letter  
    Automated Common Forms  
   Letter template  
   Fax template  
   Note template  
   File Note template  
   Memo template  
   Agenda template  
   Minutes template  
   Expense Claim template  
   Leave Request template  
    Other Automated forms  
   Power of Attorney template  
   Promissory Note template  
   Demand for Payment template  
   Service Agreement  
   30 Day Notice to Landlord  
   Airline Damaged Luggage  
   Amendment of Bylaws  
   Amendment to Articles of Incorporation  
   Assignment of Copyright  
   Assignment of Trademark  
   Commercial Lease  

    Latest Automated Templates  
   Rental Agreement  
   Promissory Note (2)  
   Permission to Use Copyrighted Material  
   Notice of Election to Cancel Contract  
   Independent Contractor Agreement (2)  
   General Noncompetition, Nondisclosure and Nonsolicitation Agreement  
   Specific Release  
   General Release  
   Bad Check Notice  
   Contract Change Order  
   Employee Nondisclosure Agreement  
   Automobile Mechanic (Complaint Letter)  
   Security Agreement Provision for Promissory Note  
   Letter to Builder Requesting an Estimate  
   Automobile Insurance (Complaint Letter)  
   Contractor Agreement (2)  
   Security Agreement (2)  
   Airline Gate Assistance (Complaint Letter)  
   Construction Contract  

    Additional library  
    Automated Contractors & Consultants  
   Acknowledgment of Independent Contractor template  
   Agreement Between Owner and Contractor template  
   Agreement for Professional Services template  
   Agreement for Work Change template  
   Agreement with Accountant template  
   Background Check Permission template  
   Confidentiality and Invention Agreement template  
   Consultant Non-Disclosure Agreement template  
   Consulting Agreement (long form) template  
   Consulting Agreement (short form) template  
   Independent Contractor Agreement template  
   Request for Contractor References template  
   Employment Agency Agreement template  
   Extended Date for Performance template  
   Subcontract Agreement template  
    Automated Agreements & Contracts  
   Accept Option Extension of Agreement template  
   Acknowledgment of Modified Terms template  
   Administrative and Technology Services Outsourcing template  
   Arbitration Agreement template  
   Consignment Agreement template  
   Contract for the Storage of Goods template  
   Convertible Note Agreement template  
   Covenant Not to Sue template  
   Decline Extension of Agreement template  
   Distribution Agreement template  
   Extension of Agreement template  
   General Non-Compete Agreement template  
   Indemnity Agreement template  
   Joint Venture Agreement template  
   Joint Venture Agreement (short form) template  
   Letter of Intent for Joint Venture template  
   Loan Agreement template  
   Employee Loan Agreement template  
   Mediation Agreement template  
   Notice of Dissolution (Partnership) template  
   Partnership Agreement template  
   Partnership Agreement (short form) template  
   Partnership Dissolution Agreement template  
   Retainer for Attorney template  
   Security Agreement and Promissory Note template  
   Security Agreement Covering Consumer Goods template  
   Security Agreement with Copyright As Collateral template  
   Security Agreement template  
   Sales Representatives Agreement template  
   Advertising Agency Agreement template  
    Automated Confidentiality Agreements  
   Author-Publisher Non-Disclosure Agreement template  
   Confidentiality Agreement for Consultants, Contractors template  
   Confidentiality Agreement template  
   Customer Confidentiality Agreement template  
   Non-Disclosure Agreement (between two companies) template  
   Visitors Non-Disclosure Agreement template  
    Copyright, Patent & Trademark  
   Application for a License to Display Trademarks template  
   Copyright Assignment template  
   IP Sale Agreement template  
   Notice of Infringement of Copyrighted Work template  
   Patent Assignment template  
   Patent License Agreement template  
   Permission Request to Use Copyrighted Material template  
   Permission to Use Copyrighted Material template  
   Permission to Use Quote or Personal Statement template  
   Trade Name License Agreement Template  
   Trademark Assignment Template  
   Affidavit of Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Stock Certificate Free template  
   Articles of Association template  
   Articles of Incorporation Template  
   Articles of Incorporation (not for profit organization) template  
   Assignment of Shares template  
   Bylaws (corporation) template  
   Bylaws (not for profit corporation) template  
   Certificate of Incorporation template  
   Limited Partnership Agreement template  
   Pre-Incorporation Agreement template  
   Pre-Incorporation Designation of Directors template  
   Shareholders Agreement template  
   Balance Sheet template  
    Automated Assignments  
   Agreement to Assign template  
   Assignment of a Claim for Damages template  
   Assignment of Assets template  
   Assignment of Contract template  
   Assignment of Lien free template  
   Assignment template  
   Notice of Assignment template  
    Power of Attorney  
   Attorney Approval template  
   General Power of Attorney template  
   Limited Power of Attorney template  
   Revocation of Power of Attorney template  
   Unlimited Power of Attorney template  
    Automated Affidavit  
   Affidavit of No Creditors free template  
   Affidavit of No Lien template  
   Affidavit template  
   Estoppel Affidavit of Mortgagor template  
    Automated Deeds  
   Assignment for Deed template  
   Assignment of Deed of Trust template  
   Deed Granting Easement template  
   Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure template  
   Mortgage Deed template  
   Quit Claim Deed template  
   Transfer of Title Warranty Deed template  
   Warranty Deed template  
   Final Notice before Legal Action template  
   Final Notice of Impending Litigation template  
   Letter Notice of Litigation template  
   Letter of Authorization to Negotiate template  
   Notice of Impending Litigation after Unproductive arrangement template  
   Notice of Intent to Exercise Warehouse Lien by Auction template  
   Employee Photo and Recording Release template  
   Mutual Release template  
   Notice of Rescission of Release template  
   Unilateral Liability Release template  
    Ordering & Receiving  
   Acknowledged Receipt of Goods letter  
   Notice of Rescission  
   Request for Replacement of Damaged Merchandise  
   Demand of Delivery  
   Cancellation of Purchase Order for Late Delivery letter  
   Cancellation of Unfulfilled Order letter  
   Charge Back Application of Discount on Delayed Shipment  
   Conditional Acceptance of Non-Conforming Goods  
   Conditional Payment for Goods Reserving Rights