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Date: April 4th, 2019
To: Hanna Westcott, Jeffrey Jones
From: Jeffrey Jones  
Subject: E-Mail Etiquette 
I have noticed recently that the increase in the use of e-mail for our primary means of business communication has lead to careless writing and even miscommunications.
Therefore, I have put together a brief set of guidelines for ensuring that all e-mails sent from this company clearly represent the company and its image.
1. Answer all messages promptly; preferably within 24 hours
2. Be concise and to the point
3. Answer all questions, and pre-empt further questions
4. Check spelling and grammar
5. Check your use of colons, semicolons, commas and periods
6. Use proper structure, layout and formatting
7. Do not write in CAPITALS
8. Read and review the e-mail (twice) before you send it
9. Make it personal
10. Limit the use of abbreviations and emoticons
11. Include the message thread
12. Limit the use of Reply to All
13. Do not use e-mail to discuss confidential information
14. Use a meaningful subject title
Follow these quidelines and make your e-mail a productive experience for both yourself and the receiver.
Thank you

Jeffrey Jones

* * *             

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